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Our Services


  • We serve all the relevant and necessary statutory notices required by a Registered Building Control Approver. 


  • Attend Design & Technical Team Meetings with emphasis on cost savings for the client


  • Building Regulations design appraisal of the proposed building works in-line with current requirements (Regulations A – S inclusive dependent on the building project, building use and occupancy type)


  • Structural appraisal of the structural engineer’s design for the intended use


  • Fire safety appraisal of the fire engineer’s design for the intended use


  • A risk management approach to the assessment of inspections required and inspecting critical stages of building work from foundations to completion when requested to do so within the agreed inspection framework


  • Sympathetic Appraisal Service for client’s building projects on Listed & Historical Buildings where ‘exemptions’ and ‘reasonable provisions’ can be appraised sensitively


  • Accessible appraisal of the access requirements for new dwellings and buildings other than dwellings


  • Conservation of Energy & Water Usage advice with emphasis on renewable energy and water re-use systems


  • Sustainable & Innovative Construction Methods advice & Environmental Engineering appraisal for clients who wish to achieve more than the minimum requirements


  • Carrying out any relevant pre-agreed and pre-arranged on-site tests when necessary to secure compliance with the Building Regulations


  • Request all the necessary and relevant certification and testing results on completion


  • Issue the final certificate(s) on satisfactory completion of the building project(s) within the time limits set out for Registered Building Control Approvers.


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