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Raising the Standards of Building Control
About Us

Mullee Associates Limited is a Registered Building Control Approver to provide 'Private Building Control' services and all the necessary approvals to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.

''We know how buildings can impact our natural environment and people’s lives, which is why we are passionate about assisting our clients with their building projects compliance needs and contribute responsibly to the make-up of our built environment”

Pauline Mullee (Director of Mullee Associates) is a multi-disciplined Chartered building professional with over 25 years of valuable experience within the industry, specialising in housing, education and healthcare sectors and in all residential, commercial and mixed use buildings.

Sara Chetcuti holds valuable previous experience as Head of Admin for a city based Corporate Approved Inspector.

Professional Consultants 

Our fully qualified & Chartered Professional Consultants have worked alongside us in the building control industry for over 10 years. They each have over 15 years building control experience, adding a valuable resource to Mullee Associates service delivery.

Local Service 

Raising the Standards of Building Control

Located in north London we are within easy access to the road networks serving London and Hertfordshire.


Mullee Associates offer a local based service working with repeat clients and with recommendations of new clients from our trusted reputation.

"Whatever your building control

requirements, we are here to help

you towards successful completion

 of your building project"

Adding Value

We strive to remain customer focused and process centred to assist our clients in the importance of inspecting critical stages of their building work and to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken for their building work to comply with the Building Regulations.


"Mullee Associates prides itself

on providing a helpful, innovative

and enabling building control

service from inception through to

completion on our clients

building projects"


"We consult as early as possible

so that we can start adding

value from the onset"

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