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Raising the Standards of Building Control

Pauline Mullee (Director of Mullee Associates) is a multi-disciplined Chartered building professional with over 25 years of valuable experience within the industry, specialising in housing, education and healthcare sectors and in all residential, commercial and mixed use buildings.

Graduating from University of Westminster, School of Architecture & The Built Environment with a 1st Class BSc Honours Degree in Building Surveying, a Chartered Building Engineer and a Fire Safety Consultant.


Pauline is an Alumni Mentor providing mentoring services to support the undergraduate development programme run by the Career Development Centre for the University of Westminster.

"Pauline is passionate about every element of our natural and ever evolving built environment and she has a well earned reputation for her exemplary service to all industry stakeholders"

Born into the construction industry, Pauline's highest achievement to date was becoming the 1st woman in London to receive an Approved Inspector licence to direct her own private building control company. 


Adding value to each building project and to all our clients, building owners, building designers and building companies, providing help and support throughout the assessing, inspecting and approval process.


A wealth of knowledge and experience has equipped Pauline with the essential skills to enable Mullee Associates to be a valuable asset to our clients' building projects.  

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